Why Email Marketing Is More Relevant Now Than Ever Before

Email Marketing Is Still Relevant


Email marketing has changed in the past 5 years yet too many people are still emailing like it was 1999.


Take 5 minutes to read this article and you’ll change the way you think about email marketing.


How many times have you heard someone say Email Marketing is dead?


Email marketing is not dead far far far from it.


Or maybe you’ve heard ..


“Social media & chatbots are the new kid on the block and they have made email irrelevant.”


Nothing could be further from the truth and 3.7 billion daily email users will tell you that. (It will be 4.1 billion by 2021)


Email is the most important marketing channel you have and if you aren’t building a list then you are severely crippling your ability to generate a long term income online.


It’s a direct message that people have indicated they want by subscribing and it comes from someone they know and trust.


Or else they would have unsubscribed long ago.


Social Media and Search Companies Aren’t Your Friend


I hate to break this to you but Social media and search companies aren’t there for you.


They are there for their investors.


Every change they make is to help generate more revenue and boost their share price.


Want people to spend more money on ads?


Let’s cut reach




We need more ad revenue!


Let’s add more ads to the top of a search page so ranking #1 actually means ranking #5


You Control Your List


What happens if the search algorithm changes and you lose you ranking, one day you are on page 1 the next you can’t be found.

You Traffic Can Drop On The Whim of Google


What happens if a social media company bans you?


You lose everything you worked for over the past few years. Gone as if it was never there.


What happens if you have your email service provider close your account? (a rare thing unless you are abusing their rules)


Nothing happens, you go to a new ESP and import your list of subscribers and within an hour you are back where you were.


With an email list you are fully in control.


Nobody can take your business away from you.


We’ve all spent time and effort build up fans and trying to rank well, imagine if you’d used some of that effort to build a list.

Email can Be A Lifeline


It can also be an incredible lifeline, several years ago we had the unfortunate situation where our house was caught in a wildfire, we lost a lot including our 2 cars.


Even before the flames died down I had managed to send an email offering a deal on all my recent products to help us get over the following week or two until things could get back to normal.


The New Email Marketing Isn’t The Old Email Marketing


Cast you mind back a few years, the typical email marketing campaign consisted of:


  • A Lead magnet
  • A 5-7 email sequence where the last 2 emails sold something
  • Then daily broadcasts until the subscribers decided they had enough and unsubscribed.


Whether the subscriber was really interested in what you had to offer or didn’t care in the slightest they got the same emails.


Does that sound familiar?


Does it sound sensible?


I have seen people teach this method recently. Don’t do this.


old school email marketing vs modern email marketing
Things Are Different Now

There are much better ways to use your list and to treat your hard won subscribers.


Action Based Email


Imagine for a moment a subscriber lands on a sale page and doesn’t buy. Then 10 minutes later they get an email explaining the benefits of that product while it’s still front of mind.


Do you think they may have a second look?


Do you think you may make more sales than by just using a 7 email sequence like everyone else?


Not only have they received some information that they may have overlooked but it comes from someone they trust.


How about the subscriber that visits 3 of your blog posts that deal with different aspects of “How to build a BBQ Pit”.


Later that evening they open their email and their is a 10% off coupon for your “Build a BBQ Pit in 4 hours” Course.


Think they may be more likely to buy?


Do you think you would still be in the position to send those emails if you had tried to sell to them when they weren’t ready?


No, they would have probably unsubscribed.


Take Your Subscriber On A Buyers Journey


There are several distinct stages a potential customer goes on.


The Buyers Journey


When they optin for your lead magnet they are aware of a problem and want to find a solution.


Your first series of email should be designed to increase that awareness to a stage where they know your solution is exactly what they need.


However do you think that 100% of your subscribers are going to progress from the awareness stage?


Certainly not.


But by having an “Old School” sequence you are assuming they are.


They might not be ready for the solution yet, they may not be in a position to buy but still you are intending to drive them through the sequence and hope they buy…


Does that sound sensible to you?


Does it sound like it would work?


Then why do email marketers do this?


Wouldn’t it be better to use the subscribers actions to determine what stage they are at and send relevant emails?


If they are newly aware of the issue educate them.


If they have read those emails then provide them with the solution if they haven’t then continue to educate them until they are ready for the solution.


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